Sunday, 8 April 2012

b- update from the fashion cupboard

April 8, 2012.

My most FAQ's tend to be in regards to what clothes have been arriving in the fashion cupboard lately, so here is a quick recap:

Firstly, they have been AMAZING and each week a part of me slowly dies due to the fact that I cant afford a large majority of it.  I've notice a lot of sporty/preppy styled apparel, especially Wild Fox tshirts and American Apparel puffy skirts. Other than that, sequins have been coming in by the bunch and it is evident that fluoro colouring has been reborn and is slowly, but surely, dispersing itself from its supre days by assimilating into couture style culture! Furthermore, studs are a fab way to grunge up an outfit and these babies are currently featuring on everything from belts and bracelets to shoes and bags! Finally, Leopard print is undoubtedly ubiquitous at the moment. I have a very complex love/hate relationship with this pattern. My immediate reaction always screams GANGA, however as much as it pains me to say it, I'm starting to develop a liking for it. This doesn't mean I intend to rebel against my sustained ideology and prejudices that it's for the Jersey Shore type of girl, but there's no point denying that i've been guilty of purchasing a few leopard items as of late. I've come to the conclusion that it is cute and actually quite effective when used sparingly. 

I'm going to jet before I succumb to admitting any other suppressed fashion fads I enjoy, have a happy easter everyone!! <3
Love b xo

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