Monday, 21 May 2012

Fashion Weekend

For those of you who attended Fashion Weekend, you will understand when we say the event was synonymous with mixed emotions; The thrill of purchasing the likes of Wild Fox rings for only $30, intermingled with strains of guilt where the logical part of your consciousness says "you idiot you've spent all your money again!". Nonetheless, such thrill inevitably overpowered any sort of negativity when Ellese and I came home and reviewed our purchases from Otto Mode, Toi et Moi, bec & bridge, camilla & marc and Girls with Gems to name a few! The event took all the fashion must-haves from Mercedes Fashion Week and made it accessible to all us LIP's (Less important people) as we were able to indulge in designer brands for up to 50% less than their recommended retail price! A marketing strategy was clearly at work through the purchasing procedure, namely when 'buying' your desired item, you merely had to give your details and in return receive a recepit. This was all very well and good as it allowed shoppers the luxury of free hands whilst they hastily sorted through endless racks of clothes, but not so great when the time came to hand in said receipts and pay for the culmination of figures. Nonetheless, everyone seemed to be glowing and there was a pervading sense of like-mindedness in the room where individuals were bounded by a love for fashion and excitement over discounts. If you didn't get a chance to go this year, it's definitely worth attending next year and totally worth the entry fee!  Hope everyone is having a lovely week xx

Ellese with her bags!


  1. Monica Kindred21 May 2012 at 19:46

    Fashion Weekend was so much fun! Love your blog x

  2. Yay love fashion week and love your blog, don't like how I spent too much cash but love what i brought!!