Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bonjour Vacances

It's that time of year. Exams are finished, mid-year uni break has just begun and we are finally able to pay attention to the more trivial (yet pleasing) things in life such as blogging, shopping and partying!  Yesterday, on our first real day of freedom, we went to Surry Hills in hope to find a few new outfit options for the fore-coming night and of course, indulge in some yummy brunch in the process!  After being seduced by countless of cute cafes, we chose an old time favourite Four.ate.five due to its convenient location (central Crown Street) and gourmet sandwiches! After doing so, we found ourselves lost in a One Teaspoon sale for a good 45 minutes. Everything was from 30-70% off and we were overjoyed with our purchases- a floral jacket, a black coat, a basic black long sleeve and a vintage tee! Only critique of the day was that my chai latte was spicy; a characteristic definitely correlated to the downfall of all bad chais! Moral of the story: never trust a chai in a tea pot xo


  1. I Luvvre Surry Hills cute photos!! love the pink hair tips!!

  2. i love this place they have great mint chocolate coffee! :)