Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Formal shopping

Despite being in my second year out of school, the word formal still excites me. Growing up in a westernised society, I spent years fantasising about what my formal would be like; what dress I would wear, who I would take etc so I believe it is only natural that I spent a great deal of my senior years attempting to put such fantasies into action! Either I havent emotionally matured much since then or I'm just destined to be one of those mums who get way too into their daughters Prom plans, but either way whenever I'm talking to one of my year 12 friends about formal, I feel nostalgic and somewhat envious of their pre-formal lives. So when my friend Alex asked me to come formal shopping with her today, I obviously jumped at the opportunity. We decided the best place to start our search was Paddington and we ended up spending the entire day there. Albeit losing focus and buying a collection of $6 nail polish from American Apparel (love sales!!!), we eventually stumbled upon an amazing dress from Zimmerman that is now most definitely on our options list! Another fab find was the cafe 'Jackies' on Glenmore Rd which not only fused possibly the two best food cultures (Japanese and Italian) but furthermore had amazing chai and beautiful decor! Definitely worth the calories! xo 

Reliving my formal days

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  1. Wow you look so beautiful in your formal dress!! Stunning!!