Sunday, 23 September 2012


As summer is notably in the air and bikini body preparation is thus totally necessesary, I've recently developed an obsession for all things healthy! Whilst engulfed in such craze, I have come to the realisation that everything that constitutes "clean eating" can conveniently also be described as pretty eating! The colours and cuteness of healthy food never ceases to captivate me (hence why my insagram has recently transformed into a foodstagram) and I'm loving going for runs in colourful Lorna Jane attire! Of course this recent fad of mine often sees me choosing juice over chai (shocking I know) but i've decided i'll probably thank myself in a couple of months, if im not bored of being so good by then anyway. 



  1. I always love your foodstagrams girls! they always make me so hungry!
    and I really want a pair of Nike's! yours are so cute!

    1. ahahaa thanks Kat!!!! We apolohgise for the hunger and yesss you should get a pair- comfy and cute!!! miss you xxx