Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Avalon Adventure

On sunday we ventured off on a road trip to Avalon as a cute 'last day of mid-semester break' activity.
Despite waking up to a glorious sunny day only to be met by clouds frowning upon us on arrival, our spirits were soon to be lifted as we discovered the countless cute boutiques dispersed throughout the tiny beach suburb. The first one that caught our attention (merely due to being situated next to an enticing looking gelato store) was called Deesse. Much to the dismay of our time schedule and the owners of this tiny store, we ended up spending a good 45 minutes lost in a sea of amazing clothes and jewelry.

We are fortunate in the fact that we share all our clothes and therefore, are able to rationalise our expensive purchases by paying half each (it's basically like living in a permanent half price sale!!) However, this also implies we have to agree on everything we buy, which isn't always the case. Once getting over our first argument regarding Britt forgetting her keycard (standard), the items we finally  mutually agreed on were; a leather pleated skirt, a cream and navy knitted jumper, black velvet high-waisted shorts and a musty pink fluffy jacket. The skirt and shorts were justified via being "perfect for interning" however also totally appropriate for going out on those nights where you need a staple item to ignite an outfit. Moreover, we practically live in knits in winter and thus the jumper was obviously a must-have as we loved how its baggy without looking like we could probably fit another person in there! Finally,the fluffy jacket was an item of conflict but we figured it was one of those "if I don't buy it I'm going to regret and think about it for the rest of my life" garments. Nonetheless, we weren't entirely sure so we left to get an ice-cream to 'think about it' and unsurprisingly, our total lack of self control brought us back 15 mere minutes later to buy it.  We decided it'll be a nice statement piece to chuck on when going for coffee or embarking on further shopping adventures where the local sea breeze leaves us covered in goosebumps!

Moral of the story; it's worth checking out different suburbs and towns for the motive of shopping because you're almost guaranteed to find cute clothes you wont find back home! Furthermore, boutiques are ideal places to shop due to the uniqueness embedded within the clothing. This makes each purchase so much more worth it via significantly lessening the chance of an awkward matching outfit moment!

xo E & B

Britts new hair in our new jumper!

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