Monday, 16 April 2012

Magazine Love

Just a small portion of my magazine collection...

Buying magazines is my guilty pleasure- I find myself spending way too much on them every month without fail! My collection is thus evergowing because I simply cannot bear to throw out any of my favourite titles, despite having less and less space to store them. Just a bit of a picture: I have every single Teen Vogue cover since 2006. I treat them like books and never let myself rip out any pages, no matter how much I have to fight the urge to put them on my wall!

My very favourite titles are SHOP, Teen Vogue, Nylon and Russh, which are aesthetically pleasing and offer nice little worlds to escape into. Ultimately, magazines are a cultural asset and continually remind me exactly why working in the field has been my dream since forever.

Here are some of my favourite pages from the latest issues of Rushh and Nylon. Go out and buy them!

e xx

Mag timeeee

daisies in RUSHH

LOVING the star cut out crop top!

Paper Crowns in Nylon

Lily Collins gets to date Taylor Lautner and then star in this fairytale inspired NYLON shoot....tres unfair!

Colour Blocking love!


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  2. Yes Yes Yes I LOVE magazines too!! And I spend way too much on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!