Thursday, 26 April 2012

In Loving Dedication to Nail Polish

Since I'm currently supposed to be writing a 3000 word essay on the correlation between sport and national identity, I believe now is an appropriate time to compose a new entry as Ellese and I have neglected to do so this past week. 

Nail-painting is undeniably one of my all time favourite procrastination methods and thus it only makes sense to talk about it in my procrastination blog! Whilst it may seem trivial, nail polish is without doubt one of the seven wonders of the fashion world. One tiny bottle holds the power to completely increase the cuteness of your outfit and hence, your style in its entirety! Being a self confessed serial-nail polish painter, I own about 58 bottles between my sister, mum and I yet, never seem satisfied with our collection. Until recently however, when the Essie Nail Polish we bought online arrived in the mail. Not only are the bottles so aesthetically pleasing that it seems a crime to store them away in a makeup draw, the shades are so beautiful and unique that I want to wear a new colour a day! From the khaki green to the coral light pink, these babies are definitely worth purchasing, especially because the brushes make painting so simplistic and the polish stays on for at least a week!

On a completely unrelated  note, Fashion week is just around the corner, commencing Monday of next week. The Shop Til You Drop office is currently in a pre-Fashion Week frenzy, organising everything from car schedules transporting workers to and from the event and of course, live stream photo receiving so all the amazingness of the week can be captured and presented to all you hungry shoppers next issue. We will be eagerly awaiting to deliver you all the highlights next entry.

Xo B


  1. I need more essie nail polish!!

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    1. Hey! Thanks so much for your comment! We checked out yours and we love it- totes following back xxx