Friday, 27 April 2012


With something like 7000 words due this week for three separate uni assignments, I really should be essay writing right now.  But as per usual I have found myself procrastinating, and perusing blogs instead.

Since Bella is one of my favourite characters of all time (She has only the best decision to make-Edward or Jacob, sigh. Certainly way better than my current dilemma of which essay to start writing), Kristen is one of my unlikely style inspirations. Her grungy/teen angsty look is fun to incorporate into my wardrobe, and I like how she can rock her own individual style, plus look flawless in magazine spreads and on the red carpert.

Her lastest mag covers are for US Elle and the French magazine Jalouse. The styling in Jalouse is inspired by her upcoming movie On The Road, and I am especially loving the smoky eye! It is one make up trend that I can never get quite right, so I'm going to use these pics to inspire some experimenting of the best kind.

E xx

Kristen in the June issue of Elle

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