Friday, 13 April 2012

Marquee Night Club Evaluation

Last night my friends and I ventured to the new nightclub 'Marquee' to say adios amigos to our dear friend Madeleine who is embarking upon an overseas trip for a few weeks. After much hype and plenty of chatter regarding sixty dollar entry fees and five hour waiting lines, I was pleasantly surprised to breeze at 10pm to only wait in line for five minutes. Better yet, it was free entry due to being on a VIP guest list as opposed to the $20 everyone else paid, which even then, is pretty reasonable.  

 Decor: My initial impression was feeling submerged into a vacuum of Americanized culture. The club immediately projected a Hollywood style ambience, especially via the display windows of showgirls, creating a mysterious atmosphere despite challenging my feminist ideology. The 'bathroom chill lounge' functioned as a nice form of escapism from the frenzy of the dance floor, featuring a legit bar, expansive views of the harbour, more showgirl windows and basically everything except enough toilets for everyone- it even had hairspray for those needing a bit of a pick me up after dancing their curls out! Finally, the lighting of the club was the perfect kind that makes everybody look flawless and the binary opposite of seedy/classy created a pleasant equilibrium.

♥ Music: The music on the main dance floor was a fusion of RnB, pop and house, hence making it slightly inconsistent and unpredictable to dance to, especially for the uncoordinated like myself. Nonetheless, it was alright and I guess the variety accommodated to the desires of most of the crowd. It's totally a good club to attend if you seek to have a ‘party’ night as the dance floor was packed the entire time. However, the drinks are rather expensive with $17-$25 beverages so pres might be a good idea if you aren’t a high roller!

♥ Crowd: Whilst every second girl was dressed in a tight mini dress and a few overtly fake Moschino belts were sighted, it is difficult to generalise the crowd in its totality. The people, similar to the music, were quite inconsistent, probably because the club is new so obviously all types of people were there to check it out. Moreover, it wasn't unbearably packed inside so we didn't have to awkwardly dance like ganga sardines, however, one must take into consideration that it was a Friday, which in sydney, is a less popular in contrast to saturday.

Overall, our post-event evaluation was that it was pretty good so we would probably go again, but of course, the amount of fun had always functions in accordance to the people you’re there with (cute I know). Despite my fickleness hours prior stressing over what to wear and my disappointment that I didn't run in to Joe Jonas after his apparent appearance there last weekend, it was a fun night!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend; I’m off to figure out what the heck to wear to a circus 21st tonight.

Have a wonderful trip Maddi 

 Xo b 

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