Thursday, 12 April 2012

The power of hair.

Whilst this is theoretically a fashion blog and not just a painful insight into my inner turmoils,  I’m going to nonetheless utilise it as a vehicle to express my current hair issues.

Ultimately, I’m in a hair rut. The length is awkward, the colour is dull and every time a Pantene commercial comes on my sanity is comprised as I sit wondering why my hair doesn't blow seductively when I walk or shine like strands crafted by angels. But in all seriousness, I’ve tried treatments, new shampoos, conditioning three times per shower and all the wives tales but NOTHING works and it's basically now just way too dry for life.

At risk of sounding superficial, I truly believe a good hairstyle culminates into a sense of self-actualization, which is evidently important as according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs such is totally necessary to live an all-encompassing, fulfilling life.  It just seems that all my friends lately are so confident and beautiful and whether they are rocking pixy cuts or lengthy locks, their glossy, shiny hair just gives them that extra exuberance; I WANT THAT EXUBERANCE.  Conversely, hair is most definitely a reflection of ones style so before you start suggesting I rant to a beauty blog, I’m going to justify the existence of this entry by stating; hair is indeed a fashion statement. Not only does it undoubtedly reflect ones sense of style, but the way you do your hair can completely add to or take away from an outfit. For example, what is the point of wearing a backless dress if a sleek, high ponytail does not accompany it? Furthermore, a plain outfit can look repetitive, but complimenting it by wearing your hair out can take it from plain and boring to simple and chic. However, due to my current indisputable awkward length hair, I'm constantly met with nuisances such as too-short pony tails that look like whale spouts and buns that just don't cooperate with me.

Whilst on the topic of hair frustrations, I can’t possibly fail to express my annoyance regarding BOYS and their idiotic hair decisions. I may be biased by my obsession with long hair on guys, but I can’t help but notice this horrible cycle the male species endure. It seems that WHENEVER a boys hair grows to that cute ‘I just got out of bed and yes it's naturally messy and I’m basically now great at life’ length, THEY SHAVE IT OFF!!!! This is terribly frustrating and most commonly leads to their physical demise as an individual (until it grows back again of course). I’ve had so many legitimate arguments with my close male friends regarding such universal boy stupidity to the point where I’m pretty sure they start wanting to shave their hair purely to spite me. But seriously, unless you totally own the shaven look (and if so, then good on you go for it) Do. Not. Shave. Your. Head. Not only does hair individualize your style, it makes you look cute even when you’re being annoying and gives you something to flick Justin Bieber style in an awkward situation. It is beyond me why anyone would consider shaving it. 

So anyway, i've decided I'm going to get all my split ends cut off next time I get paid and spontaneously colour my hair in hope such will lead to a sense of self actualization. I'll be sure to enlighten all you, clearly very interested, responders when said event happens.

Xo B  


  1. love this post!! Keep the writing up because amongst a sea of fashion blogs it's so refreshing to read some text :)

    I'm heading to Sydney for Fashion Week and catching up with Megan (SHOP intern) so i'll let you girls know too! x

    1. haha aw thanks Alice :)
      I'm worried the length might scare people into not reading it!!
      YESSSS i'm down for a catch up so when you come please let me know :) xxxx

  2. your damn hilarious


  4. Yeah most guys just DON'T get it!!

  5. ahahahahahhahaahahahaha some of them don't ever reach their former glory post shave and you know who i am talking about HEM HEM