Monday, 9 April 2012

Post Summer Depression.

So I woke up this morning feeling like we completely skipped the whole “autumn” thing and transitioned straight into winter! For all you emotionally struggling to deal with the fact that we now have to face painful decisions regarding wearing a jacket out or just bracing the icy run from cabs to clubs like a boss, here is a list of reasons why winter is kind of… hot!

FASHION. Yes it’s obvious, and whilst I confess to preferring the whole ‘chuck-on-denim-shorts-and-a-singlet-in-the-morning-and-im-ready’ thing, I can’t deny that winter fashion is way more exciting! Beanies, trenches, scarfs, stockings, long socks, tights, knitted jumpers, boots! It is undeniable that the opportunities are endless and we can engulf ourselves in our wardrobes every morning by layering and wearing as much clothing as possible! There are so many more outfits to create in winter because it's totally okay to outfit-repeat items and hide it under a veil of Gossip Girl style cuteness!

 ♥ It is okay to indulge. We don't have to worry about bikinis, shorts or practically walking the streets naked - so it’s completely fine to hold the mentality that we MAY AS WELL have that extra hot chocolate because, well, no one will notice under this jumper anyway! However, this is simultaneously a negative because food is so appealing in winter. Nothing seems more inviting than Max Brenner waffles on a cold winters day, so as long as we indulge in conjunction with the occasional vegetable soup, we don't have to feel guilty!  

♥ BED. I know that personally, my sleep levels increase by about 90% during winter. As opposed to summer where I spend all night removing clothing and turning up my fan, winter provides you with everything that's amazing about sleeping but makes it somewhat, simplistic! Of course it's consequently a horror to wake up the next morning, especially if you have work, uni or school, but I guess such just makes weekends that much sweeter!

♥ Boys in Beanies. There's a picture of zac efron below. Need I say more? On a related note, boy jumpers are amazing. If you are yet to invest in a boyfriend, simply buy a Cheap Monday one from General Pants!

That's awkwardly about all I can think of. I’m going to go make myself a chai latte and think about doing my uni readings. Enjoy our winter flicks 

xo b

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  1. I'm seriously freezing- definitely skipped the transition too!
    great start girls :)
    I'm following you guys on bloglovin- if you install the google friend connect widget (find it in 'DESIGN') I'll follow you there :)
    hope you're having a good week! xxx

  2. You forgot football as a good part about winter! lol

  3. You forgot about the Tigers!

  4. Hi Paper Daisy Fashion,
    Best blog ever!
    Love Anonymous.