Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Christianity of Fashion

Post receiving a catholic secondary education, one of the many values resultantly ingrained in my consciousness is not to utilize Christianity for trivial purposes such as fashion. However, this mentality was confronted the other day when Ellese and I were shopping at the FrouFrou market stall. Whilst looking through the beautiful racks of delicate, vintage style clothing, my eyes found a black, flowy skirt which featured white crucifix crosses all over it. Without giving it a second thought, I picked it up and ventured to the change room, only to walk out and be met with that uncertain face our mother gives us when she doesn't want to be abrupt and cut us down, but basically thinks the item sucks.
 “It’s nice, but is it a tad… blasphemous?” she asked.
Until then, the thought honestly hadn’t even crossed my mind (pun not intended) and before I knew it, we were faced with the decision as to whether it was worth rebelling our faith for the purpose of style. Of course, despite loving the skirt, we decided to leave it behind, which brings us to the question, do Christianity and fashion exist in a symbiotic relationship? We think yes and no. Various fashions today exist without the consideration of religion, which of course is fine because every individual holds different beliefs. However, it is undeniable that there are many examples of individuals and religious groups that will happily compromise their style for the sake of creed. Here is an image of the skirt for you guys to make up your own mind about anyway.
Cute or sacrilegious?
xo b

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  1. excuse me, my cross ring was a. so before anyone else started wearing them and b. awesome. not to mention i did this whilst being a 'religious fundamentalist'.
    i am thus insulted by this entry and so you are in trouble now